Smoothie Nutrition
Freezing is hitting nature’s pause button. At peak ripeness, we harvest, clean and flash freeze our first-pick fruits as soon as they come in from the fields. This is how key vitamins, minerals and rich colour are locked in and taste is guaranteed. Blending whole fruit preserves more natural fibre than purées. Every Crop’s smoothie is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and added sugar.


1. Frozen fruits are picked at peak ripeness, when nutrients and flavour are at their max. while ‘fresh’ fruits are picked well before their prime and left to ripen in transit.

2. Our fruit is flash frozen straight after harvesting to lock in nutrients, while fresh fruit spends weeks in warehouses and on ships. Vitamins and minerals starts to drop off after five days, yet most fruit is picked weeks before it hits shelves.

3. Frozen fruit stays as fresh as the day it was picked, even months later, while fresh fruit wilts in your fridge.

G.MarinakisFrozen for Nutrition